• 31.9v 2.2a AC/DC Switching Power Supply 72W Model:G721DA-310220 Supplier
  • Low Voltage Power Supply Output Volt: 31.9v, Output Ampere: 2.2a
  • GME is a professional manufacturing of low voltage power supply are in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 International Quality Management System. AC/DC Switching Power Supply 72W Output Volt: 31.9v, Output Ampere: 2.2a
Meet Rohs Cec
Universal Input 100-240 VAC
Modified and Custom Design Available
Output with Low Ripple Noise
1Year Warranty
Dielectric 3000VAC
Burn-In Test 100% Full Load
Leakage Current 0.25mA@2 pin
Efficiency Meet CEC
MTBF 50000 Hours


AC Input
Voltage Range 90-264 VAC
Input Frequency 47-63Hz
Input Current 200mA max
Inpush Current 30A max
Efficiency 65% min
DC Output
Voltage Range 3.0V-24V
Current Range 0.01A-1.2A
Inpush Current +1% Voltage Max
Case Dimension (L*W*H mm) Desktop : 131.8*55.5*34
Safety Approval
Model No. Output Volt Output Ampere
Model No. G721DA-320220 Output Volt 32V - 32.9V Output Ampere 1.5A - 2.2A
Model No. G721DA-310220 Output Volt 31V - 31.9V Output Ampere 1.5A - 2.2A
Model No. G721DA-300220 Output Volt 30V - 30.9V Output Ampere 1.5A - 2.2A
Model No. G721DA-290250 Output Volt 29V - 29.9V Output Ampere 1.8A - 2.5A
Model No. G721DA-280250 Output Volt 28V - 28.9V Output Ampere 1.8A - 2.5A
Model No. G721DA-270260 Output Volt 27V - 27.9V Output Ampere 1.8A - 2.6A
Model No. G721DA-260250 Output Volt 26V - 26.9V Output Ampere 1.8A - 2.5A
Model No. G721DA-250250 Output Volt 25V - 25.9V Output Ampere 1.8A - 2.5A
Model No. G721DA-240300 Output Volt 24V - 24.9V Output Ampere 2A - 3A
  • Application
  • Communication Equipment
  • We provide high quality, small, light and constant adapter use in communication equipment, such as telephone, Telephone Exchange System, Recording System.
Shop Floor
Quality Control
GME is in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 international Quality Management System certification. From collect customer request for design, development, production, service…etc. We establish a standard quality assurance system for clearly, reliable quality standard production techniques. We force to improve R&D technology, productivity, at the meantime, we also implementing improvements and records for each production. Provide safe, secure, complete and systematic production management.

All adaptors from 3W to 96W branded GME do product and sales meets the request of relative safety certification, include switch power supply, USB charger, Ethernet power supply…etc. Promise customer safety and right for our primary goal.


All adapters manufactured by the China factory of GME are in compliance with all relevant safety specifications required for the sale of the country. And provide relative safety certificates for client pass inspection authorities of the country of checking.


GME provide ODM/OEM development projects are in compliance with safety specification required important country. And we provide all relative information to customer for the application and access.